Welcome to Radio Club ECHO - OK1RKE

Czech version

About our Radio Club....

Radioclub ECHO was established in the year 2006 to help develop HAM activity our members. We are an open club and we honor the principle of HAM spirit. We like to help technical assistance with good advice. We would like to begin to restore the education of young HAMs, who very often are lost and often unnecessarily give up the work because they do beginner mistakes or they unnecessarily buy a device which is not suitable for them. If we will do well, we want to restore HAM orienteering, a sport, this helps to strengthen and develop health HAM capabilities. We like new and old HAM equipment, which despite its age is often used, and shows that the older TRX is capable of functioning and brings joy at the plant and at other HAM activities. We think that the CW has future in modern times, even when others do not think so, and we support the QRP equipment.

Our main mission....

  • Radioclub ECHO represents the interests of HAMs (our members) towards the government of the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • Cooperation with other HAM associations and to enable exchange experience in HAM frequency band.
  • HAM activities, educational and cultural activities.
  • Support new HAMs, who are lost in the issue of broadcasting techniques and etiquette.
  • Compliance of HAM sprite.

  • Where can we meet in the ether....

    We like to compete; you can contact us frequently encountered on the HF and VHF bands. We often participate in global or republican competitions and other amateur radio activities. We prefer the telegraph and voice operation, we of course do not avoid or other kinds of HAM operation.

    How we can contact us....

    Our callsign is OK1RKE.

    Our QTH is JN69XU, and the following information about us:

  • ITU: 28
  • CQ: 15
  • Distr: BBE

  • Our mail address is: OK1RKE(ad)nagano.cz

    2014 Radioklub ECHO, z. s.